11 December 2005

Pride and Prejudice

I went to see Pride and Prejudice for the second time tonight. It wasn't exactly my choice to see the movie for the second time, but it turned out to be really good -- again. It really is one of the best film interpretations of the book that I have seen. There's only two things that bothered me about the movie:

  1. Keira Knightley's very obvious wig. I'm really not sure why the wig designer couldn't do a better job or why they couldn't have just given her hair extensions.

  2. The bite on Sixteen Candles ending. I haven't read it recently, but I don't remember that scene from the book. I'm not sure, but I think Ms. Austen would have been embarrassed and appalled.


RealityMistaken said...

Interesting blog.

FlyingSquirrel said...

I agree with you about the latest adaptation of Pride & Prejudice -- it rivals the BBC series. I didn't even notice Keira's wig, I'll have to look for that. Besides the more brooding/smitted depiction of Darcy (who, in this version, finally looks like he's actually fallen in love), I thought Donald Sutherland was brilliant -- he nailed that mix of exasperation with, yet devotion to, his wife. I also thought the ball scenes were more realistic -- crowded and sweaty. My only compplaint was with the few moments of fantasy, where special effects took over (and the other ball dancers disappeared, or she stood on a cliff). And I agree about the ending, it seemed contrived and unncessary. Didn't matter much, though, as I was pretty much weeping openly at that point. :-)

QOS said...

the wig.


my sister is completely head-over-heels in love with this movie.

i just couldn't get past the wig. however, i did love that you could tell mr. darcy had a crush on her. in the other adaptations he admires her. this was definitely a crush. adorable.

btw - did you ever see shopgirl? was it any good?