20 October 2010

Anniversary Note

This past Saturday, October 16, was our 11th wedding anniversary. In some ways 11 years sounds like a long time and in others, it sounds short. I haven't held any one job for 11 years, but I can barely remember not being married to Rob. A lot has happened over the years and obviously the most significant is Zoe. She certainly changed our lives both as individuals and by making us parents. It's been 99% joy being Zoe's parents (as I think this blog will attest) and one of the best parts is that she never ceases to surprise us.

On Saturday night Rob and I went out for a quiet dinner and a movie. (We saw The American with George Clooney -- don't bother.) Maybe not the most glamorous night out, but dinner and a movie is a treat we really enjoy doing together and we rarely get to do it. My Mom was home babysitting for Zoe. When we got home we found a note on the table and it was signed "Love, Zoe" but after reading it we were somewhat dubious about who the author really was because it just didn't sound like her at all. Here's her note...

Mom and Zoe both swear that it was fully Zoe's work. And the more I think about it, the more I am sure it was Zoe, but Zoe trying to sound grown up. It made us both laugh. It was a nice ending to a nice evening.

13 October 2010

Out Here, On My Own

I’ve been on a business trip to my company HQ in Santa Barbara, CA all week. It is the first time in a long time that I’ve been away without my family and it has been a strange experience. I know a week in Santa Barbara doesn’t sound like it would be a punishment, but since I am primarily working I haven’t seen much more than the inside of the office and the inside of my hotel room. I could really be anywhere and I am un-used to be alone so much of the time.

I think most Moms I know would say that a week alone sounds amazing. A week without laundry, bus stops, homework, cooking dinner, or cleaning up is kind of a vacation all on its own. But at the same time it is really weird! (And, frankly, a bit lonely.)

I think the fact that I now have been working from home for so long I am used to being home more often than not. I like to think of myself as an independent woman, but I haven’t had to really put that to the test in quite some time. On this trip I’ve had to travel across the country, rent a car, find my hotel, find the office, introduce myself around the office and eat a number of meals by myself. I realize that none of that sounds like a very big deal and it isn’t as if any one of these things has been particularly tough but put it all together and it is exhausting and completely out of my comfort zone.

I knew I would miss Rob, Zoe and my Mom, but I didn’t think I would feel it so much. I am used to having them around me everyday. I like having them around me everyday -- even if I do sometimes complain.

I head back Connecticut tomorrow and even though I don’t exactly look forward to going back to laundry, cooking, etc. I think I am going to have a new appreciation for my home and all the people in it.

[commence heels clicking]

05 October 2010

Tuesday Shoesday: Striking Gold

Did you ever buy an article of clothing or especially a pair of shoes and immediately incorporate it into your wardrobe so fast that it became a "go to" item overnight?

It doesn't happen often, even when you think it will. Sometimes things that you think will become your new staples turn out to be very disappointing. So, you know it is special when it does happen.

This past Saturday I was lucky enough to go to the Woodbury Commons outlets with my good friend and shopping buddy, Tracie. We got their early and stayed late. We hit every store that had a remote possibility of having treasures waiting for us. And boy did we find a lot of treasure -- so much that we filled up my little car. Beetle trunks are surprisingly big, but not that big. We had to employ the back seat too! (Sorry Mattio.)

OK, so, now we finally get to the shoes. I know it is boot-buying season and boots are everywhere, but I've had it in my head for awhile that what I'd really like is a pair of gold ballet flats. I don't know why, but I just really felt they would enhance my wardrobe. As luck would have it my golden treasure was waiting for me at the Cole Haan outlet where I scored these beauties:

This photo doesn't do them justice because it was surprisingly hard to get a decent picture of gold shoes. I don't have any good lighting around. I guess I should have tried outside in the daylight, but I digress.

These are the best shoes I've bought in ages. They were a bargain, they had my size, they are extremely comfortable, and they were exactly what I had in mind. I put them on first thing Sunday morning, wore them all day until I went to bed and then repeated the same today. I am going on a business trip next week and I am already planning my outfits around these shoes. I think they will look especially good with my navy blue dress.

Hooray for new shoes! If only all new shoe purchases could be this successful.

03 October 2010

The Time Traveler's Meme

I was tagged by the Queen herself for this one and since I helped provide the inspiration, I felt I really should take part in this meme.

The Rules:
1. Depending on your age, go back 10, 15, 20, or even more years.
2. Tell us how many years back you have traveled.
3. Pretend you have met yourself during that era, and tell us where you are.
4. You only have one "date" with this former self.
5. Answer the questions.

I'm going back 20 years...to my 19 year old self who would be a junior in college.

1. Would your younger self recognize you when you first meet?
I'm pretty sure I would recognize myself. I look pretty much the same, just older. However, I wasn't very self-aware when I was 19 so then again, I might not.

2. Would she be surprised to discover what you are doing job wise?
Definitely. I was a theater major and imagined my future was all about costume design. I think I thought I'd either be teaching full time or working full time at a theater by now. The idea of the internet and even email just barely registered on my radar at 19. I don't think I could have imagined how much time I would spend working on a computer producing work to be used on computers. I think my younger self would be disappointed that I'd left behind art, but very interested in the internet.

3. What piece of fashion advice would you give her?
Over-sized clothes should really be avoided. It is not a good look no matter what. And wear a lot more short skirts while you can. Otherwise, continue to enjoy all the trendy stuff through your 20s.

4. What do you think she is most going to want to know?
I think she will most want to know when she will find "the one." My 19 year-old self cared a lot about having a boyfriend and thought a lot about getting married. Somehow that was the answer to everything.

5. How would you answer her question?
I would tell her that you will find "the one", but in the mean time you should enjoy the ride a lot more. Once you get out of college, a lot more boys will notice you and you should enjoy their company and be confident that the right guy is out there and you'll know it when you finally get together with him.

6. What would probably be the best thing to tell her?
Be a lot more confident. A whole lot more. Don't let people treat you badly. Take graphic design classes. Learn how to manage money and do it.

7. What is something that you probably wouldn't tell her?
I wouldn't tell her about September 11th. I wouldn't want to scare her away from living in NYC and there would be no way to explain it that would make any sense.

8. What do you think will most surprise her about you?
The fact that I don't work in theater and do work with computers and web sites. I always knew I wanted to get married and I think I assumed having at least one kid would go along with that. I think I'd be mildly surprised to learn I live back in CT. At 19 I didn't think I'd ever come back.

9. What do you think will least surprise her?
That I am still friends with Karen and Heather. I don't think I could ever imagine my life not including them.

10. At this point in your life, would you like to run into "you" from the future?
Yes, I would love to! I could go for some advice just like this and I'd really like to have a peak how life looks at 59.

If you haven't been tagged by the Queen already, then consider yourself tagged now.