30 October 2005

Maureen Dowd

I have to say that I really love Maureen Dowd. I just this instant finished reading her piece in this week's NY Times Magazine, "What's a Modern Girl toDo?" Just like so many of her op-ed pieces, it really hit the mark on so many things. And in this case, things that I have thought a lot about. She can analyze a situation like none other. She even references that Louise Story piece about Ivy League women that got me fired up. I was excited to read at the end of the article that is piece is actually an excerpt from her forthcoming book "Are Men Necessary: When Sexes Collide." I just added that one to my amazon.com cart.

29 October 2005

First Sleepover

Tonight will be Zoë's first sleepover. Rather I should say, this will be her first real attempt at a sleepover. My Dad is going to take her to see Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and then to McDonald's for dinner and then back to his house to hopefully sleep over. My husband and I are going to a pumpkin carving party tonight, but we don't plan to be out too late just in case we have to pick her up. I actually think she won't have too much trouble going to sleep -- the problem will come if she wakes up in the middle of the night or in the morning when I'm not there. I am very curious to see how this will all work out. I really, really hope it works out well.

27 October 2005

No milk!

I had to keep Zoë home from school today because she was sick at school yesterday. I won't go into detail about the kind of sick it was, but the school rule is that kids have to be sickness-free for 24 hours before they are allowed back at school.

Took her to the pediatrician after picking her up and the doctor handed down a terrible sentence for my poor child. No milk! No milk for at least 4 days! No milk! That is like telling most adults no coffee. When Zoë wakes up in the morning the first thing she wants is milk. The last thing she has at night is milk. She loves milk above all other food or beverages and possibly most people.

Last night at bedtime my husband tried to pass off rice milk as regular milk, but she wouldn't even drink it. Luckily, she was too tired to question why it tasted so funny. This morning my husband and I semi-argued over whether or not we should tell her why she can't have milk. I was in favor of being honest and he was inclined to just tell her we didn't have anymore. I didn't think that could hold up for 4 days. He conceded and after a short crying jag, she seemed to recover and understand. The good news is that we seem to have found a somewhat acceptable substitute in chocolate soy milk. I am calling it "filk" -- as in fake milk. Zoë likes that name too. As a matter of fact, she just asked me if she could have more filk.

I don't think she will be able to go back to school tomorrow either. She was sick again this morning and again a little bit this evening (I don't mean throwing up -- the other one). Despite the fact that she has as much energy as usual and you would never know she was the tiniest bit unwell, I wouldn't want to send her and then get another call to pick her up. That would be bad. Her class is having a Halloween party tomorrow and I had signed up to bring cookies. I don't have to still bring them, do I?

My New Toy

I am happily writing this post on my new iBook G4. Yay! There is something wonderful about a brand new computer. And while I have had laptops for work before, this is my first laptop of my very own. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

25 October 2005

Yet another rainy day

Actually, raining is what happened last night. Today it just seems like the sky has sprung a leak. It's cold and wet and our scarecrow was knocked down from the storm. Poor Goofus.

OK, I don't really believe, but do you think it is possible that God is trying to tell us something? Katrina, Rita, Wilma...what's next? We must repent people! Please. The mold is growing mold around here.

6 years ago today I was luxuriating on a beach in perfectly dry, sunny, and warm Aruba -- either that or I was getting looped at the swim-up bar. Oh, how I long for that honeymoon now.

24 October 2005

My Kid is the Greatest

Sometimes I go someplace with Zoë and she is definitely not the best behaved kid around and then there are those times when she is just wonderful. Yesterday was one of those wonderful days. I am feeling so proud of her and so lucky to have her. I want to hold on to this feeling. Wrap it up and save it for one of those other days.

21 October 2005

Hussein Lawyer Found Dead

Raise your hand if that news surprised you at all...

Good, no hands.

My question is this: Is it really a good form of protest to kill the defense attorney of someone who is on trial for crimes against humanity? OK, Hussein and his posse murdered thousands of innocents and there is no doubt in my mind that he is a criminal, but theoretically this lawyer was also an innocent so wasn't that just more of the same? I could better understand if someone had actually murdered Awad Ahmad al-Bander, the guy who this attorney was defending.

Shopgirl review

I know, I am breaking my own rule by posting while at work, but I am just so excited. I just finished reading the review of Shopgirl in the NY Times and I am so happy because it is a fantastic review. I really loved this book/novella and have long been anticipating the movie, but anticipating with concern because it could have so easily been badly done. I can't wait to go see this now. It's only open in New York and LA right now, but hopefully soon it will make it out to the 'burbs.

Movies movies movies-- I love the movies! I would really like to leave work right now and go see one, but I'll have to settle for reading the reviews and eating microwave popcorn.

20 October 2005

Personal Development Program

It's that wonderful time of year when I get to evaluate my own performance at work. I have to give myself a rating and commentary on how I've performed my own goals and how I've met company expectations. Then I submit this to my manager who puts his feedback next to mine and some crazy formula goes in to determine how much of a raise I deserve. So, here's what I'd like to know: Who invented this system? Is there anything more torturous than this? It is the workplace equivalent of sitting in the dentist chair. It is a very careful line that one must walk when filling out the form. Too positive and you're full of yourself. Too negative and you're not going to get the credit you deserve. I am in a particularly tough situation this year because I am in a new job with a new boss. I have no clue what his feedback is going to be. I really wish I had more of an idea before going through with this. Big, long sigh.

OK, I must go. My Tylenol PM are waiting for me.

18 October 2005

Madonna = puritanical parent

Who would have dreamed that Madonna would become a puritanical parent?

That seems to be the case according to a forthcoming interview with the "Material Girl." An excerpt can be read here.

Apparently young Lola and Rocco are not allowed to watch TV, read magazines or newspapers, and are punished with chores. According to Madonna "TV is trash." Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! Where would Madonna be without TV -- MTV to be specific. Give me a break!

I wonder what she really thinks goes on while she's out on tour? Do the nannies enforce these strict rule too? What do you think little Lola is going to do when she gets a little taste of freedom in her teen years? Can you say big-time rebellion??? Jeez.

17 October 2005


I went to see the movie Elizabethtown last night. Husband and I were supposed to be going out for our anniversary, but we had a babysitting snafu so the best we could manage was a movie. The movie we both wanted to see, A History of Violence, was not playing until 10:30pm (way too late for a school night) and after ruling out the chick-flick In Her Shoes (my choice) and the too shoot 'em up Domino (his choice) this was the only thing we could agree on.

Overall, it was extremely disappointing. Not to mention disjointed, uneven, and utterly ridiculous (not in a good way) in parts. It was as if Cameron Crowe (writer and director) actually wrote 2 scripts for 2 different movies, cut them up into individual scenes, through in a couple of other random moments, tossed with salad dressing and filmed. The results were not so good. And there is just no getting around the fact that Kirsten Dunst is not very talented. Orlando Bloom was no tour de force himself. He wore the same hang dog expression for the entire 123 minutes -- even in the final moments of the movie when we are beat over the head with the "moral" of the story.

My advice: Don't bother, but if for some reason you feel you must see it, wait for Netflix.

16 October 2005

Full Moon

The following is a transcript of an actual conversation that took place last night in my car:

Zoë : I see the moon.
Grandma : Me too. It's a full moon.
Zoë : What's it full of?

14 October 2005


I woke up this morning to the sound of rain hitting the roof (not to mention every other exposed surface) for the 8th time in a row. I can't take any more. It was nearly impossible to drag myself out of bed to face another day of this rain. I feel as though I may start to become amphibious.

In the words of that great and wise purple dinosaur, Barney...
Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun please shine down on me!

I know this rain is making me extra grumpy too. When I arrived at work this morning to my great irritation I saw one of my cans of Diet Coke with Lime sitting empty on a co-worker's desk. This is not the first time this has happened. Unless I was utterly desperate, I would never take someone else's diet coke (or anything else for that matter) from the community fridge. The fact that she feels so free to take it without so much as a word to me really puts me on edge. Being extra grumpy has made it very difficult to even be civil to this person today.

I would really like to go home, get under the covers and watch bad TV with the lights out until I fall asleep.

11 October 2005

Brave little Zoë

As I mentioned in my last post, we spent Sunday and Monday in the town of my college alma mater -- Ithaca, NY. We happened to be in town for the Apple Harvest Festival held on The Commons. I can't recall ever going to one of these when I was a student and living in Ithaca, but it seems to be an annual tradition. Besides lots of apples and foods prepared with apples there were some other attractions including a live band, a Ferris wheel and a pony for pony rides. The first thing we encountered as we approached the commons was the Ferris wheel. As far as Ferris wheels go this one was pretty small and looked a little rickety. Someone asked Zoë if she wanted to go for a ride on it and without a moment's hesitation she said yes and ran to get in line. I was surprised at her enthusiasm and lack of fear. Whoever asked her if she wanted to go on the ride had no intention of actually going on with her and everyone else including husband chickened out so I was left to take her. We waited on line in the drizzling rain for about 15 minutes and then finally it was our turn to get on. Zoë was completely fearless as we spun up into the air over and over. "I can see New York City!" she cried happily, mistaking one of the few tall buildings in Ithaca for the NYC skyline. Then the ride started to slow down and somehow we ended up stopped at the very top of the ride. Anyone who has ever been stuck at the top of a Ferris wheel knows this can be a little disconcerting. Initially I was pretty calm figuring that we would get going in a minute. After a few minutes it started to get to me, but I tried to hide it. Then Zoës turned to me and said, "I'm getting a little frightened." Honestly, she said it just like that, very matter of factly. I told her to just hold onto me and we'd be fine. She wrapped her hand around mine and snuggled a little closer and that seemed enough to satisfy her. By the time we reached the ground my knees were a little shaky, but she was just as excited as ever and laughing and laughing.

I should not have been surprised when she gamely hopped on for the pony ride or dragged her father onto the dance floor like she had been doing these things all her life, but I was. When did she get so brave?

08 October 2005


I took Zoë to the mall this morning for a quick shopping trip. While we were in Gymboree, one of my favorite kids' clothing stores, we ran into one of Zoë's daycare classmates, Sabrina. We were browsing in the store when all of a sudden I heard a little girl saying, "Hi Zoë." At first I didn't look up but when Sabrina came over to us, I realized she was talking to my daughter. I don't think I had ever met Sabrina before and certainly not her mother. This has happened to me a number of times now and each time I am struck by the fact that Zoë already has a part of her life that does not include me. I don't mean to imply that I feel badly about that, but rather, I am amazed by this. It is hard to imagine her out in the world on her own and yet I know she will get more and more so as the years go by.

Speaking of friends, I was thinking about our neighbors who are our friends last night. Their daughter and Zoë are already friends. They will start kindergarten the same year, wait at the same bus stop every day and basically go through all the steps of growing up together. If neither of us move away, it is highly likely that these two little girls will be friends for at least the next 15 years if not a lot longer. That is so funny to think about. Especially when you consider how much they will change. I will enjoy looking back on those Sesame Place pictures with them someday.

Tomorrow me and the family are headed up to Ithaca, NY to visit my alma mater -- mostly some friends from there and not really the school itself. As if in honor of that event, it has rained incessantly today. It has been one of those days where you think it can't keep raining like this and yet it does.

06 October 2005

Things that happen magically

This morning I realized that there are a whole bunch of things that happen by magic in my house -- if you're my husband, that is. I'm not sure, but I think he might even be under the impression that some things regenerate themselves. Here is a list of things that he would not ever do on his own on room by room basis:

  • Replacing the toilet paper roll (you knew this one would be first -- it is cliche, but so true)
  • Replacing the bar of soap in the shower
  • Replacing the toothpaste tube
  • Putting more Q-tips in the dispenser
  • Buying more of any of the above items plus his shampoo, his hairspray, whatever that stuff is for his electric razor, and bubble bath and shampoo for Zoë
  • Cleaning out the toothbrush holder
  • Washing the bathroom towels and bath mats
  • Emptying the garbage can


  • Changing the sheets on our bed
  • Bringing the tea cups and assorted dishes that migrate into our room back down to the kitchen
  • Turning off the computer when done using it
  • Pick up dirty clothes from floor and putting clean clothes away
  • Shutting off his closet light
  • Picking up or cleaning anything in Zoë's room -- this includes making her bed, putting her laundry away, shelving books, taking out the garbage, and putting toys away
  • Bringing down any sippy cups left in Zoë's room


  • Emptying the dishwasher
  • Wiping the counter tops and stove top
  • Buying groceries -- especially essentials like milk, eggs, orange juice, juice boxes and chicken nuggets
  • Adding things to the shopping list when we are running low
  • Making Zoë's lunch for daycare
  • Washing the dishtowels
  • Cleaning the floor
  • Taking out the trash or the recycling

Family Room

  • Putting toys away
  • Putting DVDs back in their boxes
  • Putting CDs away
  • Dusting
  • Throwing out the old TV Guide
  • Opening or closing the blinds

I am sure I am forgetting things on this list, but it sure would be nice to live like he does. Sigh. I know I can ask him to do these kinds of things and most of the time he will do it, but it is annoying that he doesn't feel any responsibility to do them on his own. Maybe that is my fault because I just do them, but what are you supposed to do when there is no soap in the shower? I'd have to spend my whole life nagging and writing out lists of things to do. A couple of years ago I went away for 4 days. I left on a Friday. I usually do the grocery shopping on Saturday mornings so it needed to be done. There was a full list on the fridge. When I got back on Monday night I was amazed to discover that he had not gone to the store for anything. When I asked him about it and pointed out the list on the fridge he said he didn't even think of it. Amazing.

03 October 2005

L'shanah tovah

Rosh Hashanah starts tonight at sundown. That's about as Jewish/Hebrew speaking as I get. My family will eat a traditional brisket tonight while I have chicken. I'm not that good at the Jewish holidays.

Actually, I just googled "L'shanah tovah" for proper spelling and learned a lot more about Rosh Hashanah from the website Judaism 101. This is a pretty good site for learning about all things Jewish.

For example; the greeting "L'shanah tovah" is a shortening of "L'shanah tovah tikatev v'taihatem" (or to women, "L'shanah tovah tikatevi v'taihatemi"), which means "May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year." In case you're wondering what you are to inscribed in, that would be the "book of life." According to Jewish belief God has "books" that he writes our names in, writing down who will live and who will die, who will have a good life and who will have a bad life, for the next year. These books are written in on Rosh Hashanah and sealed on Yom Kippur.

Another thing I learned is that the new year according to the Jewish calendar will be the year 5766.

To celebrate in my own way I will be taking the day off from work tomorrow to go and help out the NYC economy. My credit cards are already trembling!

P.S. Spell check wasn't much help with this posting!

02 October 2005

Dakota Fanning headed for rehab

OK, I made that up, but how much longer do you think it will be before that is true. Dakota Fanning is 11 years old and has more movies coming out in 2005 than just about any other actor. 5 movies released in 2005 and already 2 more slated for 2006. Are her parents slaving her our or what? Does she ever get time off the set? I agree that she is quite a talented little girl, but haven't all those "E! True Hollywood Story" episodes taught us nothing about the affects of success in Hollywood at a young age? Her parents are begging for her to be royally screwed and one day there's going to be a new reality show just like the one that debuts tonight on VH1, "Breaking Bonaduce". A train wreck of a show about a train wreck of a person. It's just 20 more years until "Destroying Dakota" airs.