31 July 2006

Website of the Week: mentalfloss.com

I haven't been very prolific with the posts lately, but I do have a new website of the week to share: mentalfloss.com.

This site is the online home of Mental Floss, the magazine. Even if you haven't heard of the magazine this site is worth checking out -- especially the blog which is full of incredibly witty and trivia laden info that you never knew you needed to know.

Blog entry authors include one of my favorites, David Israel who's novel Behind Everyman I wrote about here last year.

27 July 2006

So You Think You Can Tour!

I'm so excited because there really is going to be a tour of the top ten dancers from So You Think You Can Dance. Preliminary dates are here.

The show just keeps getting better. Last night had some amazing performances. I loved the hip hop routine that Donyelle and Travis did and didn't agree with the criticism of the masks. Shane Sparks is amazing. No less so in the routine he choreographed for Allison and Ivan which was also one of my favorites. The judges seemed to think that Heidi and Benji came out on top, but I'm not sure I completely agree although they were excellent. Overall I think the women outshine the men this year. Heidi, Allison and Donyelle are my favorites. I think Ryan will go home tonight, but I can't guess which woman it will be. Maybe Natalie....?

You can read a complete recap of last night's show here.

23 July 2006

Website of the Week

I've decided to start a new feature (technically the first feature) at ZoesMom and that is Website of the Week.

This week's site is: Fontifier.

Stealing the description right from their own site:

Fontifier lets you use your own handwriting for the text you write on your computer.
It turns a scanned sample of your handwriting into a handwriting font that you can use
in your word processor or graphics program, just like regular fonts such as Helvetica.

For anyone who is a little turned on by fonts, this is just so cool. I've had mine done (of course) and I am using it for a scrap book I am creating for Zoë. It is so cool! And it is cheap -- only $9 for a completely customized and personal font.

20 July 2006

Bert & Ernie & Zoe!

photo courtesy of Ashton Smith
©2006 Ashton Smith

18 July 2006

As a side note...

How great does My Super Ex-Girlfriend look?!

The tagline: He broke her heart. She broke his everything.

Where have I been???

On vacation, of course. I banned myself from the computer for a week while I was off from work and my friends were visiting and it was terrific. I mean, I am addicted to the internet and my email as anyone, but sometimes you just have to take a break from being "connected."

But, now I am back and vacation pictures will be coming soon. We made our annual pilgrimage to Sesame Place and it was another huge success. It was our 4th visit and Zoe is still completely convinced that the characters are real. We had a ball.

06 July 2006

So You Think You Can Costume? addendum

I can't believe I forgot to mention those fringed pants! Those were just awful. I couldn't even watch the dancing, I just kept thinking about what a poor idea those pants were. They looked like something David Lee Roth should have been wearing back in 1987. Allison, you desesrve so much better!

05 July 2006

So You Think You Can Costume?

I just finished watching tonight's installment of So You Think You Can Dance and while I think the choreography and the dancing on that show are fantastic, the costuming leaves something to be desired. Tonight was the worst yet. The costumes made the dancers look bad -- we're talking dancers with incredible dancer bodies. Worst offenders had to be:

Dmitry -- I don't care how cut his upper body is, sometimes a buttoned shirt with sleeves is more appropriate.
Natalie -- This girl is gorgeous and her dress made her look like a Christmas tree.

Many is the time I spout off about things I know little to nothing about, but anyone who knows me, knows I know what I am talking about here.

04 July 2006

The last thing I want to do...

...after a sun-filled 4-day weekend spent mostly in the pool or at the movies is go back to work. Ugh!

I really, really miss having summer vacations.

01 July 2006


Just got back from seeing the movie, "Wordplay." Whether or not you like crossword puzzles, this is a good movie. When it was over, I wanted to watch it all over again. If you've ever attempted a crossword puzzle, you will be impressed by the abilities of some of these people and there is no doubt that Will Shortz is enthusiastic about his job.

The only drawback in my mind was the fact that they didn't even mention Eugene T. Maleska, the editor of the NY Times puzzle from 1977 to 1993. There must be some bad blood between Will Shortz and him, but even so, I think it was unfair to not even mention him.