30 September 2011

Halloween Costumes

It's that time of year when a young mind's fancy turns to thoughts of candy and most of all costumes. What a big decision that costume is.   In fact, Zoe has been contemplating her costume since about November 1, 2010. She is still firmly undecided, but I've been keeping track of her ideas since spring.  First came the barbarian. I have no idea where this came from.  Then it was all about Artemis. This was an idea I could get behind because she is so into Greek mythology. We even bought a plastic bow and arrow set over the summer.  Next up was a Viking. Another idea that I have no idea about.  The next strong contender, so strong that I almost ordered part of this costume, was an M&M dressed as rapper Eminem. Since Zoe doesn't even know a single Eminem song, I am completetly clueless on where this idea came from. She seemed so committed to it. Until last night... When she informed me she wanted to be a Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Really? I was hoping yo buy a costume this weekend, but now I'm not so sure. 

28 September 2011

9 Years and Growing Fast

The change from baby to toddler and toddler to kid are obvious, marked changes, but the change from little kid to just plain kid happens so slowly that you don't notice it until one day you're folding laundry and you realize that your daughter's t-shirts aren't much smaller than your own.

Zoe turned 9 over 6 months ago now, but with the new school year underway and watching Zoe in her various activities and interests it has hit me lately that she's so damn grown up now.  She's in 4th grade -- a grade I really remember.  I think its an age when you start to come into your own as an individual.   Or maybe I was a slow starter because I think Zoe has known herself for awhile now. 

In any case, she has her own interests, her own likes and dislikes, her own tastes in books, movies, etc.  I love seeing these things develop in her -- especially as she pursues things like Greek Mythology and softball -- things we really don't share.  I'm pretty sure the Percy Jackson series of books will be to her what the Little House books were/are to me.  At the same time, I have to admit to being also saddened to see her so obviously grow away from me.  I know that's part of the overall goal behind raising a child -- to send a good person out into the world, but it hurts a little to think at some point, she won't need me.  Of course, I hope she'll always need me, but it won't be as a baby or kid needs their Mommy.  She won't ask me to get her milk or tie her shoes.  She won't want me to wash her hair. 

However, whether she needs me or not, I'm not ready to lend her my t-shirts.  Thank goodness her feet are still way too small for my shoes!

12 September 2011

Zoe and the Babysitter

Saturday night Zoe's favorite babysitter came over so Rob and I could escape to dinner at a restaurant that has no chicken nuggets and an R rated movie.  (We saw Contagion which I thought was great.)  The next morning  I asked Zoe what she and the babysitter did -- watch a movie, play Wii, play cards?  She said, no, they made YouTube video.  Now that is something new! Luckily I trust the babysitter so I know it wasn't inappropriate and I was sure it was just silliness. Which in fact is exactly what it is.

Here's the video (which, I think is funny if you are 9):

10 September 2011

Neglect Part 2

OK, so now it seems I am neglecting my blog.  With everything going on all at once I've been wiped out.  So much so that I find myself with a cold this weekend.  Yuck.  However, it has given me the perfect excuse for afternoon naps so I am not completely knocking it.

Here's a quick report card on the last month:

Vacation:  B (would have been an A if Rob could have joined us)
Hurricane Irene:  C (we were fortunate enough to not lose power or sustain damage, but too many other people were affected badly)
Start of new job:  B (might have been better if Hurricane Irene didn't make things screwy the first week)
Start of school:  A+

And here's the newly minted 4th grader herself looking pretty rad if I do say so myself:

Overall average: B+  (Not bad, but room for improvement)

OK, I promise I am committing to getting back to normality, reality, and all that stuff on Monday so blogging should then resume with regularity.