26 July 2011

Tuesday Shoesday: I Need Shoes!

OK, no pictures of actual shoes today, but I am happy to report that I actually need to buy shoes so I'll be going back through past posts.

How can I need to buy shoes, you ask?  Well, I'm kissing my work-form-home life good-bye because I got a new job!

Anyone who knows me well knows I've been pretty unhappy in my job for awhile, but anyone who's been searching for a job lately knows how tough the job market is these days.  I've been looking on and off for awhile, but not having any luck.  Then lightning struck about a month ago and just yesterday I resigned from my current job.  I'm excited about the new job and that alone is a good feeling, but they also made it clear after the interviews and in the offer that they really want me.  That feels great.   I mean, I know it is a job, but it is good to feel valued at your job and I think (I hope) I am going to feel that way at the new job.

I am going to have to get used to commuting again, but only 3 days a week and there is an option to take a train so I'm not too worried about it.  Before I start I'm going to get almost 2 and a half weeks off.  I haven't had that much time off in a row since my maternity leave.  That's good because I'm going to need some time for shopping for shoes -- and clothes, of course.

20 July 2011

Lucky Me

The past couple of weeks I've had a bit of health issue that involved a biopsy and waiting for the results of that biopsy.  I am very fortunate that I can say the results of the biopsy were negative, but it was so hard to keep my head on straight while waiting.  Most of the time I tried not to think about it, but every once in awhile my mind would go there.

What if I have cancer?

What if I die?

And in thinking about those questions I was really thinking about Zoe.  I can't leave her -- not yet.  She still needs me.  Just contemplating that thought was, still is, a lot to take.  I know if the results had been different that I would hardly have been the first mother of young children diagnosed with cancer and I know I could fight it and have good chances being youngish and healthy, but in the waiting moments that stuff didn't matter.  All that mattered was who would take care of Zoe.  Who would buy her tampons and help her with her first heartbreak?  Who would take her prom dress shopping or help her choose a college?  Who would cheer her on the whole way? It has to be me.

I am so lucky that I can be relatively sure it still will be.

12 July 2011

Tuesday Shoesday: More Love of Loafers

Looks like loafers are in for fall.  After the complete drought of shoe love this spring and summer this makes me so happy.  Here are some fabulous pairs I've seen lately:
Anne Klein Walnut

Enzon Angiolini Balinia

Kate Spade Connie

Me Too Nerissa

Looks like I am going to need some space for shoes.  I don't think Rob really needs his own closet, do you?

05 July 2011

Tuesday Shoesday: I Love Loafers

OK, maybe summer shoes just aren't my thing, but fall shoes are definitely squarely in the "my thing" category especially since they often include variations on the loafer.  As much as I don't want to rush summer along, I do like ogling the coming fall fashions.  One of my favorite early looks is this penny loafer from Tory Burch.

Are those gorgeous, or what? They are on the top of my "want" list right now.