13 August 2010

Zoe's Guide to Getting What You Want

A couple of weekends ago my father (aka Papa) was babysitting for Zoe and when I picked her up they had just come from getting ice cream. From 2 different ice cream shops. When I asked her how she managed to get her Papa to go to 2 different ice cream shops she said, "I just asked and he said OK."

Papa is clearly a pushover.

The conversation went on to cover the ways in which Zoe gets what she wants from people. Here's her guide:

Papa -- we know, just ask and it shall be yours.

Ima (my mother) -- Say: "Ima, I love you. Can I please [insert request]? Please? " and it shall be yours.

Rob (aka Daddy) -- Say, "Please?"
Rob says, "No."
"Alright! Now be quiet already."

Me -- say "Mom, can I please [insert request]? I promise I will [insert mom-desired behavior such as come in when you call me the first time, feed the dog, listen, etc.]"

I say, "Oh, OK, but you'd better [insert desired behavior]."

I'd say she pretty much nailed all of us. Clever, manipulative little thing.

02 August 2010

Have you seen this: BeFunky.com

Check out this picture I found in my attic!

Doesn't it look just like someone I (and a lot of you) know?!

Ok, I probably didn't fool you, so I'll tell you how I got this photo to look this cool. But first answer these two questions:

Do you like playing with digital images? Do you have 3 hours to giveaway?

If you answered yes to both of those questions then you are going to love this site: BeFunky.com

BeFunky.com has all kinds of fun effects that are really easy to apply and adjust. In no time I created the above image and this one below:

Please don't say I didn't warn you about the 3 hours thing.

BTW, in the free version the images come with the watermark, but if you want to pay for a more expanded service you can get it without the watermark.