28 February 2007

American Idol Review

OK, I thought I would wait until both the boys & girls competed before I had any comments. So, let's start with the boys.

This week, the front runners in my opinion are Chris Sligh, Blake, & Sundance. I thought Chris Sligh did an awesome job. He just really showed his voice off well. I thought Blake chose the perfect song. Jamiroqui is perfect for his personality & voice (and yes, I know who he is, Randy!!!) Finally Sundance!!!! Strong voice, good song choice. It's about time that he showed his true colors.
Speaking of "True Colors", I was disappointed with Brandon because he is really good. That song was so wimpy sounding. He either should have really belted it out or chose a different song. I really want to like Phil, but there is just something cheesy about him. I can't quite put my finger on it. I also really want to like Nick, but he didn't "wow" me. Sanjaya, Sanjaya, Sanjaya....where to begin. I think I will just say, YOU'RE 17!!!! Enough said.

For the girls, I love Gina, Melinda, Jordan, Stephanie, LaKisha, & Sabrina. I think it's fair to say this could be a girl-heavy top 12. Gina chose the right song & I've liked her from the start. I think Simon is a little too hard on her. Melinda was absolutely the best tonight. She is exactly what Simon says, humble & sweet, but super talented. (OK, so he didn't say it quite like that.) Jordan is incredible for 17 or any age for that matter. Her voice reminds me a little of Lisa Tucker from last season. Stephanie was really great, but I'm not familiar with that Beyonce song, so I wasn't catching the similarity to the original. (I guess I'm getting old.) LaKisha did a great job this week. I thought that she made the "Midnight Train to Georgia" her own without going too far. It's pretty hard to not copy a song as well known and to take on Gladys Knight. LaKisha is about the only one that can do it. I think it was hard to top her performance last week. Sabrina definitely has a voice. It will be interesting to see how far she goes.

OK, along with the good must come the bad....Need I say anything about Antonella??? She is going home this week. In her little chat with Ryan before her performance she said this song fit her better. Was she kidding??? A young girl should never sing Celine Dion. Never! Not to mention how off it was. To quote Randy, "It was a little pitchy."

Another thought, white girls should never scat sing. Let's leave that to jazz singers...real jazz singers, like from the 1940's or so. Next, comes poor Alaina. She was just all over the place. She just can't hold her own with Melinda & LaKisha. I feel a little sorry for her. I can't even remember what she sang tonight. It just wasn't that great. I can remember that it was all off key.

Last but not least, Haley. What happened to her saying last week, "I'm going to stick with songs that I think fit me."? She totally took Simon's advice of changing that image & went off the deep end. I think her arrogance last week just put a sour taste in my mouth. She doesn't have a bad voice, just bad song choice.

Advice to the girls: DON'T CHOOSE ANY SONGS BY WHITNEY, CELINE, OR CHRISTINA! I'm sure there are others, but they are escaping me. So, the women I think are going to go home this week are Antonella & Alaina. We'll see. I thought Antonella was going last week & was wrong. Samantha's Mom...out.

23 February 2007

American Idol Update

AI Update contributed by SamanthasMom:

Do not read if you have not watched the 2/22 results show.

Who doesn't like LaKisha? She is just awesome.

I really like Gina & have from the start.

Just so everyone knows, Celine Dion did not sing that song "All by Myself" first. I believe it was Melissa Manchester or someone like that. Gina definitely sang it better than her.

Antonella should have gone home. Her performance was awful.

I thought Alaina (the girl who sang "Brass in My Pocket") I think that was her name, should go. Basically, all the scrawny white girls need to go. Amy & Nicole were interchangeable with how they looked. Nicole's choice of song was what made her go home. I think she actually has a good voice. You know what they say..."song choice, song choice, song choice"!

I really don't love the girl from San Antonio, Haley. I hate that Celine song that she sang. It's so over the top & oversung. (If that's a word.) What put me over the edge was how snotty she was to the constructive criticism. I thought Simon was right on target. The song made her seem too old.

For the guys, I thought that Paul Kim shouldn't have gone. He, I think, would have done well in the coming weeks.

Chris R. (bald, not curly hair) was pretty non-descript & should have gone.

Jared sounded so nasally.

I really want Sundance to do well, since he did well in the beginning. He needs to shed the beard, though.

I really like Blake (beat box guy). I thought he had a little "Sting" sound going.

I also like Brandon, the back up singer.


There is a great article in the NYTimes about MomsRising.org.

From the website:
MomsRising has a goal of bringing millions of people, who all share a common concern about the need to build a more family-friendly America, together as a non-partisan force for 2008 and beyond. This grassroots, online effort is mobilizing mothers, and all who have mothers, across America as a cohesive force for change. Started this May 2006, MomsRising already has over 50,000 citizen members, as well as more than fifty (and growing) aligned national organizations, working together to create positive solutions for the future.

22 February 2007

The Last Number

Zoe and I often have this conversation:

Me: I love you.
Zoë: I love you too.
Me: I love you three.
Zoë: I love you ten.
Me: I love you fifty.

And on and on with escalating numbers including multiple googols and petabytes.

But I think Zoë trumped me once and for all the other day when she said:

I love you the last number

20 February 2007

They say that February is the shortest month...

Time for my annual February post...

(from Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins)

They say that February is the shortest month, but you know they could be wrong.

Compared, calendar page against calendar page, it looks to be the shortest, all right. Spread between January and March like lard on bread, it fails to reach the crust on either slice. In its galoshes it's a full head shorter than December, although in leap years, when it has growth spurts, it comes up to April's nose.

However more abbreviated than it's cousins it may look, February feels longer than any of them. It is the meanest moon of winter, all the more cruel because it will masquerade as spring, occasionally for hours at a time, only to rip off it's mask with a sadistic laugh and spit icicles into every gullible face, behavior that grows quickly old.

Febuary is pitiless, and it's boring. That parade of red numerals on its page adds up to zero: birthdays of politicians, a holiday reserved for rodents, what kind of celebrations are those? The only bubble in the flat champagne of February is Valentine's Day. It was no acident that our ancestors pinned Valentine's day on February's shirt: he or she lucky enough to have a lover in frigid, antsy February has cause for celebration, indeed.

Except to the extent that it "tints the buds and swells the leaves within" February is as useless as the extra r in it's name. It behaves like an obstacle, a wedge of slush and mud and ennui holding both progress and contentment at bay.

If February is the color of lard on rye, its aroma is that of wet wool trousers. As for sound, it is an abstract melody played on a squeaky violin, the petty whine of a shrew with cabin fever. O February, you may be little but you're small! Where you twice your tiresome length, few of us would survive to greet the merry month of May.

15 February 2007

Helpdesk: the early days

This is too funny not to share:

11 February 2007

I'm not the overprotective one

This weekend I realized something that came as quite a surprise to me. Between my husband and I, I am not the overprotective one. I don't know why I just assumed that role would be filled by me, but now I see clearly that it is not me at all and it is all my husband. Happily, he now owns up to it as well.

On Friday Zoë came down with a fever. Of course, she did not have a fever when I dropped her off at daycare, but her teacher called by 10 AM saying I had to come pick her up which I did promptly. It was out of the blue and it was 102.8 for most of the day despite Tylenol. On the way home I called my husband who was quite alarmed and was ready to call the pediatrician. I said I really didn't think it was necessary at this point especially since she had no other symptoms, but he wanted to. "So call," I told him. He did and the nurse explained that we didn't need to bring her in yet, but we should watch her. I resisted saying "I told you so."

She still had a fever Saturday night and early Sunday morning, but by around 7:30 AM her temperature was normal and when that continued despite being awake and running around the house I saw that she was on the mend. My husband, on the other hand, insisted on taking her to the pediatrician. He would not hear that she had no fever and she was looking a lot better. So off the doctor we went. (I considered staying home, but worried what a terrible mother I would be if it turned out something serious was wrong.) In the waiting room we watched as she played with every available toy with her usual abundant energy. My husband turned to me and said, "Who's sick?" and I said, "Not her." He sighed and said something about being glad we came anyway.

After waiting for our turn and the doctor's prognosis declaring her to be getting over a virus -- nothing to worry about, my husband bravely said to our doctor, "For the record, I am the one who wanted to come."

10 February 2007

Get a life

Back in November I wrote an entry about Second Life and just recently someone sent me this link: http://www.getafirstlife.com/

My favorite is "Find out where you actually live."

05 February 2007

Website of the Week: LibraryThing

Do you like to read? Are you slightly OCD? Yes? Then boy do I have a site for you...LibraryThing!

LibraryThing lets you create a library type catalog of your books. There is the ubiquitous tagging, connecting with other users through the many, many groups and recommendations. Recommendations are based on several different criteria so you can pick the one that works for you. The service even includes a blog widget which you will see I have started using if you look to the right ----->

I am thinking of starting a separate account for Zoë. The kids' lists are not nearly as expansive as the adult lists, but it might be fun anyway and it might help drive expansion in that area. I am always looking for new kids' books for Zoë and to give as gifts.

Change is good

I decided it was time for a new look.

Still working out the kinks/deciding if I like all the pink...

04 February 2007

A great baby gift

If you're looking for a great baby gift, I have just the thing...Pampers gift certificates! I was given these when Zoe was born, I've given this gift a couple of times now and I am just about to give it again. It is always well received. I know I loved it. No, it's not the most personal or sentimental gift, but it is incredibly useful and helpful.

The gift certificates are good for any kind of Pampers and are available in 1 month supply to 2 year supply. A 1 month supply equals 4 packs of diapers. Believe me with all the expenses of a new baby, even a one month supply is really nice to have. The recipient gets a booklet of coupons that can be used anywhere diapers are sold. You simply bring the diapers and the coupon to the register and the entire price of the diapers is taken off your bill.

02 February 2007

The Plank

OK I am into going to the gym, but Yoga has never really been my thing. However, I might just be changing my mind. A friend of mine showed me the "plank pose" the other day recommending it as a good ab work out. Not only is it an excellent ab work out, it is also great for the arms. It is a killer pose and I can only hold it for 15 to 30 seconds at a time.

So there I am on the floor this morning doing my plank pose and in walks Zoë. She immediately gets on the floor and assumes the same pose and proceeds to hold the pose for a good 3 or 4 minutes effortlessly. Amazing!

One of Zoë's teachers has started teaching them yoga lately and Zoë just loves it. She is, like most kids, incredibly flexible so it comes pretty easily and she just loves any kind of physical activity. What I would love to find is a parent child yoga class because I think doing it with Zoë would be really fun (although I am sure a little frustrating when we're comparing flexibility and strength!). I wonder if any such class exists? Or maybe a DVD?