30 July 2010

Seven Things I Have Been Doing Other Than Blogging...

1. Working. It is so awfully unfair that my work has to be so intensely busy during one of the best summers I can remember. I don't ever remember being this overloaded at work. I often find that I stare out my window like a kid looking into a candy store looking at the beautiful sunny weather and wishing I was out in it. And if I could get out more, I'd certainly have more to blog about.

2. Pilates. I've tried yoga, but I it doesn't do it for me. Pilates does it. It is a tough work out but also very relaxing and stress-relieving. I have especially been enjoying Saturday morning Pilates on the beach.

3. Reading. Since I have completely given into my desire to read trashy fiction, I have been reading a ton. I am sure I will break my record of 50 books read in a year this year. Problem is most of the books I am reading are so trashy, I'm embarrassed to write about them here.

4. Twitter/Facebook. I tend to get out the things I wish to share immediately via Twitter or Facebook. Somethings probably would make a good blog post, but since time is an issue for me and for everyone these days, Twitter/Facebook is so efficient.

5. Swimming. Last summer it rained just about every day of June and July. When it finally stopped and got warm in August, our pool heater had some kind of infarction and let loose with some strange substances into the pool that took weeks to clean. By the time it was swim-able, it was just about time to close the pool for the year. This year we are trying to make up for lost time and are swimming as much as possible. Plus I am trying to have "open swim" days where I let all our friends and family know the gate to the backyard is open, come on over. It has been a lot of fun.

6. Baking. When I'm stressed out I find baking comforting. Baking takes concentration so it gets my mind off of the things that are stressing me out. Plus the results (cookies, cakes, granola bars) are usually very well-received so that is motivating.

7. Convertible Rides. Did I tell you I got a new car? It is my new baby, a 2007 Beetle convertible in harvest moon and I have been loving going for rides with the top down. The neighborhood kids are always asking me for rides too. It is the first time I've ever owned a car that I truly wanted and it so much fun. I like to think of it as an early 40th birthday present to myself or my mid-life crisis car.

I'm not expecting to be a much more productive blogger over the rest of the summer, but I am hoping that things will improve in September. Until then, I will do my best, please stick with me.

20 July 2010

Tuesday Shoesday: It is too soon but...

It really is too early to be thinking about Fall shoes or Fall anything since we've just barely reached the midpoint of summer, but you know I can't resist looking at shoes. It is especially difficult when I am inundated with emails featuring previews of Fall shoes. I'm not ready to commit to any purchases, but here's some shoes and boots I'm thinking about...

I bought a pair of menswear inspired black wingtip oxfords in the Spring which I love, but I think I love these more. My only issue with these and the wingtips I already own is figuring out the best way to wear them. I think they look cute with skinny jeans, but I am not really a skinny jeans girl. I might have to skip these, but they are really special looking.

Ah, the peep toe bootie. Can someone explain the appeal of this style to me? I don't get it. I don't think these will be making my shopping list this year.

These boots are another story. I love the classic riding style. I had a pair of these back in college and I wore them to death. I think I could get into wearing out another pair.

But seriously, it is way too early to think about these kinds of serious shoes when my feet are mostly in flip flops these days.

15 July 2010

China Dina: A Restaurant Review

The other day Zoe and her friend Samantha were playing restaurant and I was invited to dine at their establishment, China Dina.

I entered and was immediately seated at a low, but cozy table for two which had no chairs, but instead a pillows for seating. My place setting consisted of paper folded napkins and a piece of paper plate. Table decorations were kitschy cool including a lava lamp drawing and a bottle of some kind of purple "goo."

Each menu was hand-crafted (mine is pictured to the left) and featured an amazing array of dining options.

Wheat Thins

Hawaiian Punch

Chocolate bars

With all those choices, I didn't know what to order, but I ultimately decided on Wheat Thins and Lobster with Water followed by Candy for dessert.

I cannot remember being served a more interesting meal.

08 July 2010

Yes, it has been HOT

Record temperatures around ZoesMom's town this week, but as I promised all winter long while freezing to death and shoveling snow, I am absolutely not complaining. I am incredibly lucky to have A/C and a pool. When I haven't been in one, I've been in the other. Along with everyone else in my house, neighbors and visitors from near and far. Occasional trips out for ice cream have broken up the basic routine and except that work just keeps insisting on getting in the way, it has felt a lot like vacation lately.

So I say: summer, keep bringing it on!