16 March 2006

March madness

Despite the fact that March is the month in which my beautiful daughter Zoë was born, I think I am starting to hate this month -- maybe even moreso than February. February doesn't make any false pretenses about itself.

Things I hate about March:

  1. The changeable weather. One minute it is 65 degrees and sunny and you're taking off your coat and the next minute it has dropped 30 degrees, snow is expected and you're wondering where you left your gloves.

  2. Shopping for clothing is impossible. All the clothes and shoes in the stores are all for Spring -- Spring somewhere a lot warmer that is around here. Try buying your almost 4-year-old a party/Easter/Passover dress when everything they have is shortsleeved or sleeveless. You just can't count on it being warm enough for that kind of thing.

  3. St. Patrick's Day. No offense to the Irish, but come on, this is a day that has gotten way out of control. It has been completely "Hallmarked." Next thing you know people are going to start buying St. Patrick's Day presents. I'm all for a green beer or a green bagel, but I think we've really entered the land of overkill now.

  4. March madness. I am a basketball fan, but who can keep up with all those college teams? It's just an excuse to go drink beer -- as if the world needed another one of those.

  5. Spring Break related news stories. Enough already. We all know just how drunk you can get in Cancun.

Do I sound like a total March Grinch, or what???


FatcatPaulanne said...

No, I agree. The weather is too changable and St. Patrick's day is getting way out of hand! Lol!

Slacker said...

Here's to things to hate about March!