27 July 2006

So You Think You Can Tour!

I'm so excited because there really is going to be a tour of the top ten dancers from So You Think You Can Dance. Preliminary dates are here.

The show just keeps getting better. Last night had some amazing performances. I loved the hip hop routine that Donyelle and Travis did and didn't agree with the criticism of the masks. Shane Sparks is amazing. No less so in the routine he choreographed for Allison and Ivan which was also one of my favorites. The judges seemed to think that Heidi and Benji came out on top, but I'm not sure I completely agree although they were excellent. Overall I think the women outshine the men this year. Heidi, Allison and Donyelle are my favorites. I think Ryan will go home tonight, but I can't guess which woman it will be. Maybe Natalie....?

You can read a complete recap of last night's show here.

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