22 August 2007

Green is the New Black

Yes, I mean green as in eco-friendly, recycling, bottled water is bad. Yawn, right? Everyone from Oprah to Tom Friedman have been spouting off on the need to "go green." However, I've been on the recyclying and conservation band wagon since my college days in Ithaca so I have to say it is good to see the rest of the country getting on board. The more the better when it comes to saving the Earth.

All of this increased awareness in the media and otherwise has led me to think about what more I can do to get even "greener." (For the record, in clothing I am really drawn to blue these days and not green.) I have felt the need to do more than the standard recycling of newspapers and soda cans. (Further for the record I am not, never have been, and probably never will be someone you would consider "granola" or "crunchy.") So far I've come up with a few fairly simple things and as I think of more I'll post about them. Here's what I've got so far:

  • I buy the largest size available of products that come in plastic bottles like shampoo and other cosmetics, soda, and cleaning supplies.
  • I've conquered my addiction to Olay Daily Facials Express. While these make face washing incredibly easy, it does mean throwing away the little cloth every time.
  • I take at least one less napkin at fast food/to-go style restaurants.
  • I used to use two paper towels to wipe down the cardio equipment I've been using at the gym and I now only use one.
  • I bought re-usable grocery bags. To aviod any financial impact on the grocery bill, I did this one bag at a time for several weeks and I now have enough for the weekly shop.

Those are the highlights. More to come and I am definitely open to suggestions.

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