20 August 2009

Cape Cod weekend

Last weekend I had the great fortune of visiting family on Cape Cod. We had perfect weather and a really nice time on the beach, buying tacky souvenirs, exploring Provincetown, and eating ice cream. As always seems to be the case on the Cape, I got some fun photos which I, of course, am about to share:

This is Zoe with my niece and nephew. I think this shot sums each of them up pretty well.

And speaking of shots that exemplify someone's personality, I think this one is even better of Zoe. I have titled this picture "Fang" because there is something about that toothless yet maniacal grin on her face.

While we were at the beach I noticed the incredible shadows hitting the ground in front of me so I decided to try and capture them. First attempt is here:

And then my brother decided to "help" with my experiment. Brothers are good like that.

Finally a bit of inspiration struck for this shot which I like to call "Venus de Shadow":

Of course there are lots of beautiful things to take pictures of on the Cape so I have a camera full, but a few of my favorites are this:

And this:

This picture also makes me thing of that Lyle Lovett song..."If I had a boat, I'd go out on the ocean..."

And most especially this:

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