28 March 2010

Reason #943 Why I Will Never Understand My Husband

I'm sorry because I know he hates when I blog about him, but I just can't help it today because I am so confused/annoyed/truly puzzled.

I like to bake and Rob likes to eat what I bake. I make a lot of cookies because they are popular among all household members and fun to make. I tend to store these cookies in Tupperware-type containers and I can always tell when Rob has had cookies (or brownies or my newest baked good -- granola bars) because the top to the Tupperware is only 95% closed. There is always, every time, without fail, that one corner he has not pushed down all the way. I complete the seal on the container whenever I notice it, but since Rob's favorite time to eat these baked goods is after everyone else is in bed, I often don't notice it until well into the next day. The part that really kills me is when he complains 2 days later that the cookies are stale already.

Why is it so hard to close the container all the way? Is there some way I can encourage him to close it more? (I have asked, nagged, begged about a thousand times now.) I just don't understand.

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Chapter Forty said...

Typical husband behavior here, the only tip I can think of is a post-it note on the inside of the container stating -
Shut the lid properly or shut up and eat stale treats.

Mine cant manage to put the teaspoon he's used, in the sink - its always on the bench. Therefore leaving a small puddle of coffee to be wiped up.
Cant live without them, cant live with them...