26 April 2010

Check-up Time

Zoe had her 8 year-old check-up today and it was markedly different from all other check-ups we've had.

First of all, the nurse and the doctor talked primarily to her and she primarily provided all the answers.

Second, there was no drama. None. Not over peeing in the cup -- which she managed by herself with only a little coaching from me. Not over getting undressed. Not over the eye exam (I accidentally told her last year she might need glasses.) And not even over the finger prick. I was amazed.

Most amazing and wonderful of all is that Zoe is 100% healthy and in my opinion perfection in a child. I am ever grateful and am feeling kind of like I won the lottery tonight.


Anonymous said...

8! So old and still so young. You are lucky - she's a funny, smart, knows what she wants kinda gal - and thats just from your blog posts. She must have a great mom.

Emily Barton said...

So glad to hear that Zoe is hale and hardy! (And so worried everytime I, the horrific speller, have to spell that. Doesn't "hearty" really make more sense?)

Courtney said...

yay for healthy zoe - GREAT news.