02 August 2010

Have you seen this: BeFunky.com

Check out this picture I found in my attic!

Doesn't it look just like someone I (and a lot of you) know?!

Ok, I probably didn't fool you, so I'll tell you how I got this photo to look this cool. But first answer these two questions:

Do you like playing with digital images? Do you have 3 hours to giveaway?

If you answered yes to both of those questions then you are going to love this site: BeFunky.com

BeFunky.com has all kinds of fun effects that are really easy to apply and adjust. In no time I created the above image and this one below:

Please don't say I didn't warn you about the 3 hours thing.

BTW, in the free version the images come with the watermark, but if you want to pay for a more expanded service you can get it without the watermark.


Baris from BeFunky said...

Thanks for this great post Zoe's mom. Nice photos by the way, and the effects you've chosen fits perfectly.

Emily Barton said...

Very cool. I LOVE the old-fashioned pic of Ms. Musings. I don't have three hours at the moment, though (I know. I know. You, the one who has a child, is thinking, "How can she not?" The only explanation is "I have a church full of 'children.'". Maybe one day soon...

Anonymous said...

Hurrah, Blogger have fixed the commenting problem! I like that photo, I look like a 19th century librarian!