20 December 2010

Bad Mommy Moments

Yesterday I was reminded that the "Bad Mommy Moments" can happen to anyone. I spent a good portion of my day watching football. I am a sometimes football fan and this year, inexplicably, I am really into it. The first game up was 1pm Eagles @ Giants. I have to root for the Giants if for no other reason than I cannot root for a team that includes Michael Vick. He's a great player, but it doesn't change the fact that he's a dog killer.

Anyway, it started out as a great game for Giants fans. As a matter of fact the Giants were winning for most of the game. However, they managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in a series of misplays including the game-ender when rookie kicker, Matt Dodge kicked the ball directly to the Eagles when he should have been kicking it out of bounds. If you want to read the full story I suggest you check out the NY Times or ESPN because I am certainly not a sports reporter.

The part that struck me was when the Giants coach Tom Coughlin started yelling at Matt Dodge for his misplay before he could even get off the field. He was really giving it to him in that slightly out-of-control way that reminded me of times I have yelled at Zoe out of sheer frustration more than anything else. You know, the "Bad Mommy" kind of yelling. It was funny to see it on stage for the world to see between two grown men, but it was the same kind of moment as I have had so many times. I can't say it made me feel better about the times this has happened to me, but it is good to know it can happen to anyone.

I can't find a video of the full yelling, but you can see the start at the end of this video:

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