16 September 2005

The Movies are Coming!

I am so glad to see that we have finally reached the far end of the desert that was this summer's movie season. The only oasis since May was Bill Murray's "Broken Flowers." (OK and "Wedding Crashers" was funny, but hardly worth writing home about.)

Looks like lots of new and potentially good flicks are coming soon to a theater near me.
The next movie I will probably see is "The 40 Year-Old Virgin," ut here are some of the movies I am really looking forward to:

Thumbsucker A standout from Sundance.

Everything is Illuminated Liev Schrieber's directorial debut.

Proof But I will definitely hold out for the reviews before plunking down my $9.50 'cause this one could definitely go either way.

In Her Shoes Based on the book byone of my favs, Jennifer Weiner. I really enjoyed the book and the movie should prove to be an excellent "chick flick."

Elizabethtown Despite Kirsten Dunst this looks like it might be good.

Good Night, and Good Luck George Clooney directs. Could be good.

Shopgirl I really liked this book.

Pride and Prejudice Did they need to make yet another movie of this book (one of my all-time favorites)? We shall soon find out (sometime in November).

There are, of course, at least 30 other movies coming out between now and the end of 2005 and there could be some other gems in there that I am not yet aware. I am just so overjoyed that the drought is over. I better book some babysitters because I can taste the popcorn already.

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