14 September 2005

the terrible threes

Is there such a thing as the "terrible threes"? If not, we're inventing it at my house these days. Seems like every little thing sets off some kind of whining or crying. My new position towards this kind of behavior is zero tolerance. That probably should have been my position all along, but I was too concerned with peace-keeping. She has to push it until I get angry with her and she is punished in some way (time out, no dessert, etc.) before she can return to decent behavior. I don't understand it and I definitely don't like it. Big, fat, huge SIGH.

The most frustrating part is that when Zoë is behaving she can be the sweetest, smartest kid and so much fun! I love that side of her so much and when she is behaving that way I try to give her all kinds of positive reinforcement, but it just doesn’t seem to last.

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