13 June 2006

Happy Anniversary Brenda & Jon

Today is my brother and sister-in-law's 9th wedding anniversary. In their honor I am posting the poem I wrote for them and read at their wedding.

There are so many more than
seven wonders.

I have seen water rush
and crash down a great cliff,
thousands of feet dropping,
merging with a lake
of stillness.
It never slows and never looks back.

There are places where the land,
so rich and vital,
produces the sweetest fruits,
purely of its own volition.
In celebration of itself.

Today we will see love and joy
create one entity.
Both beautiful with life,
an abundance to give, yet spaces to fill.
They share a love as natural as any
gift of the Earth.

There are so many more than seven wonders.
not the least of which is love.

1 comment:

JonVie said...

I love that poem.
I love that you write poetry,
and do it well.
I love my Sister.