21 June 2006


When did that word get coined? I can't decide if I like it. I once read an article about how it was so feminine sounding and it wasn't fair to boys, but I'm not sure I agree with that one. I guess, if you have to call it something, playdate will do, but it does conjure images of soccer moms in minivans...one of my least favorite stereotypes.

Anyway, Zoë was invited for a playdate today. Last week I found a note in her cubby at daycare from Megan's mom saying that Megan was dying to have a playdate with Zoë. (Megan obviously has good taste.) Megan's mom also says in the note that she would be happy to take Zoë home from school with her one afternoon because Megan leaves after lunch time. Megan's mom then left her email and phone number.

I have no idea which little girl is Megan and when I asked Zoë who Megan was she said, "I don't know." (Eventually she remembered.) I have never, ever met Megan's mom. Why on Earth would she think that I would let a perfect stranger take Zoë home from school? I was really, really surprised by that offer. I pretended it didn't happen when I emailed to make plans, but when we spoke on the phone, she re-iterated the offer. I didn't want to be rude, so I had to tell her that I didn't think Zoë was ready for that. Am I overprotective, or is Megan's mom just not thinking?

I am very interested to see how this playdate works out.

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