10 December 2006

The Birthday Party Diaries

It seems like just about every other weekend Zoë has a birthday party to go to. Between all the gifts and the mandatory pizza and cake one could seriously go broke and get fat in a big hurry. I don't actually mind going to the parties because it is nice to get a chance to chat with other working moms and because Zoë almost always has a really good time. Actually all the kids seem to love the parties which is kind of funny to me because it is a bit like a busman's holiday when you think about it. It's just like daycare in a new setting.

If the party is held at some kind of party place Zoe usually asks if her birthday party can be at that place too. So far in the last month she has changed her mind 3 times. Today's party was at The Little Gym and that is now the desired location of her "five birthday." Not including her first birthday, I have yet to throw Zoe a "proper party" with all her daycare friends and all the regular birthday accoutrements. We have just celebrated at the house with a couple of kids, some cake and a few goody bags. The writing is on the wall: I am not going to get away with that this year.

I do not want 20 4- and 5-year-olds in my house so we will definitely be going to one of those party places. They are a good racket, that is for sure. They are not cheap, but having now been to a lot of them, I see that they are worth it. Even if it is just for the no 20 kids with noisemakers in my house factor.

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