05 December 2006

A wish for a Christmas tree

I'm not sure when it was that Zoë got it into her head that she wanted her own Christmas tree in her room, but she has been voicing this request for awhile. So, the other day when I was at Target (you can always count on Target), I happened to see the perfect little tree. It is about 2 feet tall, comes in a little red pot and has lights already strung around it. (It is fake, of course.) I bought it and after building up that I had a surprise for her, I finally gave it to her on Sunday night. She was thrilled!

Last night when we got home from work and school she went up to her room and proceeded to decorate the tree. She used ribbon from a gift bow and her play money. We all had the same reaction -- "It's a money tree!" I will have to post a picture because it was quite creatively done. For the past two nights she has slept with the tree plugged in and lit right next to her bed.

Not sure, but I think she expects Santa to deliver her gifts to her very own tree.

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