09 January 2007

Pete the Magic Dragon

I'm sure everyone is familiar with Puff the Magic Dragon -- at the very least the song if not the cartoon movie as well. I think you have to have been a child in the late 70's to be familiar with that because it was released in 1978. Apparently Zoë's pre-school teacher has the actual movie on video and she brought it in for the kids to watch -- which is exactly what they did yesterday instead of going outside in the rain.

Today someone brought in the movie Pete's Dragon for the kids to watch. This is a Disney movie that is similar and was actually released in 1977 before "Puff" (which is not how I remembered it, but I was only 6 at the time so I am clearly not a reliable source.) Looks like people were capitalizing on (and improving on) Disney success even 30 years ago.

Anyway, the end results is that Zoë is now convinced that Puff and Pete's dragon, Elliot, are the same dragon and that Pete and Jackie Paper are the same boy. Somehow in her mind one story bled right into the next and there is absolutely no convincing her otherwise.

I find this appalling. Everyone knows that Puff is the one true dragon and Pete's dragon is simply a manifestation.

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Anonymous said...

Give Zoe a break. I was doing a google image search on Puff the Magic dragon. Too my surprise, I didn't see the orange haired, animated dragon I was expecting. I had to go through a couple pages to come across a picture of a disney parade of lights float labeled as Puff the Magic Dragon to find the guy I was looking for. Granted, I was born about the same time that both movies came out, but, somehow, I swapped out Pete for Puff. I must have been very young when I saw Pete's Dragon and I don't think I ever saw the actual Puff the Magic Dragon movie. Don't worry, Zoe will figure it out for herself in a decade or so. ;)