22 March 2007

What were you doing five years ago?

Zoë's birthday was yesterday. She's five years old now. Five! Damn time flies.

I got a well-timed email from a friend yesterday who said, "Trivia question: What were you doing five years ago today?"

Ouch! Did that ever bring back some painful memories. Zoë was born at 3:42 PM and the time stamp on the email was 12: 37 PM. That meant that five years ago at that moment I was just about to start 3 hours of pushing. Yes, 3 hours. That was definitely not the fun part -- especially when they turned off the magic epidural.

On a lighter note...I am getting great amusement out of Zoë's list of birthday presents. They are:

  1. Fisher Price Mega T-Rex
    (this was a specific request)
  2. Make-up (for kids)
  3. An electric pencil sharpener
  4. A flashlight that you have to shake (no batteries)
  5. Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera
  6. A book on reptiles
  7. A compass
  8. A purse with butterflies embroidered on it
  9. Rubber snakes (which promptly found a home in the above purse)
She has quite diverse tastes, huh?

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