01 November 2007

I'm no editor

And certainly I am not a NY Times editor, but I think something got mixed up today.

When I open NYTimes.com the first thing I usually check out is the 10 Most Popular Emailed articles and the current number one (as of 1:18 PM today) is The Feminine Critique. I was intrigued by the title so I clicked on the link, read the article and nodded along with it. For an experienced working woman, there is nothing new in this article, but it is interesting to read about the scientific studies. No surprise there that women still do not get equal treatment in the work place.

I was about to email the article to a colleague with whom I have had similar discussions, when I noticed what section the article appears -- Fashion & Style.

Really? Doesn't this belong in the Business section? By placing this article here below articles on organic cosmetics and and art/fashion performance, it seems to me the NY Times is perpetuating the very inequality discussed in this article. Come on, guys.


Anonymous said...

I read the same article, and did a double take to see it in Styles. Talk about the women still grinding the corn! xo ht

Becky said...

Now that is downright infuriating. Are there any articles about men in business that have mysteriously turned up in the Sports section?

Joel Bass said...

So frustrating. I guess, as the article says, "women can't win." What is wrong with this country?

ZoesMom said...

It is good to know I am not the only one who is frustrated by this.