26 November 2007

Manic Monday Meme

Which personality trait has gotten you into the most trouble?
My big mouth. Sometimes I just don't know when to shut up. It's not that I spill the secrets, but I just run off at the mouth and it makes me look silly.

If you had to gain 10 pounds what would you eat to gain the weight?
Milk shakes. When I was little a friend of mine was really, really skinny and he had to have a milkshake everyday to help him gain some weight. I remember being very jealous of that.

How is your private self different from your public self?

I'm quieter in my private life and not really so friendly and outgoing.

Thanks Manic Monday for another good set of questions.


Siani said...

I tried a chocolate brownie-flavoured milkshake the other day. It was yummy. But when I saw the calorie count on the label, I decided there'd be no more! Happy MM.

My answers can be found at Siani's Pot-Pourri.

Jennifer said...

I also like a good milkshake every now and again. They are best when you make them at home. Oh Oh, yum...yum.

Diana_CT said...

Chocolate milk shakes are my nemesis also.