19 December 2008

My To Do List

I'm sure the title of this post excited you (NOT!) but I cannot get over the things on my to do list and they all need to be done by 12/24 -- also known as Christmas Eve. I woke up at 5AM thinking about this list and I feel the need to share it. So, without further adieu and in no particular order I present my list:

(Please note that this does not include any items from my work-related to do list.)
  1. Buy a Hanukkah gift for my cousin who I just found out will be at my father's house on Sunday night for the first night. He's 10 and a wonderful kid so I don't want to get him just anything, but I have no idea what 10 year old boys like.
  2. Buy the rest of Rob's Christmas present. I am not quite sure what that is going to be yet.
  3. Buy stocking stuffers. That one is pretty easy and can be fun.
  4. Buy salad stuff to make salad for the aforementioned Hanukkah party. Another easy one.
  5. Buy stuff to make baked ziti for Christmas Eve party (which is not at my house so I am not complaining!)
  6. Buy chocolate at Munsons -- especially the sugar free assortment for my friend with diabetes and nonpareils for my cookies. Going to Munsons is not hard duty.
  7. Buy cookie making stuff. Cookie day is Tuesday. (I think that is it for the stuff I need to buy.)
  8. Make 2 dozen cookies with Zoe for here first grade cookie exchange on Monday. Would someone please explain to me the educational benefit of a cookie exchange?
  9. Decorate the Christmas tree we got on Sunday and has been standing naked in my kitchen all week. The poor thing!
  10. Get a hair cut. I need it bad.
  11. Wrap presents. Daunting, daunting thought. I love buying presents, but I hate wrapping them.
  12. Make cookies all day Tuesday. That will be a fun, but very tiring day.
  13. Make salad.
  14. Make baked ziti.
  15. Get my iMac fixed. Fingers crossed that my baby can be saved.
  16. Load 2 different iPods that are Christmas gifts.
  17. Plan the Christmas morning breakfast menu.
  18. Get the Jeep's oil changed.
  19. Negotiate with Zoe on her Christmas Eve attire.
I'm sure I have left something off this list, but whatever it is, I don't want to know right now. I am also sure I am not the only one with a list like this right now. Aren't the holidays fun?!?!


Emily Barton said...

Looks a whole lot like my list. We need to invest in present-wrapping robots, don't we? Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I love how a poorly timed winter storm can throw off such plans immensely. Needless to say tonight I will not be out shopping - which I still need to finish!

HT said...

I wish I was closer I'd do your wrapping for you! Anal me did it last month (and thank god because of the flu & current colds that plague my formerly healthy household.) If you figure out what to get Rob, let me know. I used up my gift ideas for Dave early in December for his bday.
xo ht