25 March 2009

Your Blog is Fabulous

The wonderful Emily has selected me for a "Your blog is fabulous" award. And considering the other bloggers she chose, I am extremely flattered to be in such good company. If you haven't read her post about this award you should and then you should check out the other bloggers on her list. But, back to me, I feel I must share what she wrote:
Few people in the world make me think, "Well, maybe having a child isn't such a bad thing after all." (Of course, if I could guarantee having a child like Zoe...) I'm pretty sure it's because she is so incredibly honest about the whole "motherhood experience." Oh, and despite what you might think, she isn't all about Zoe. She gives you plenty of other hilarious (and sometimes poignant) observations about this thing we call life.

Wow. Thanks again!

OK, so now I get to give out the award myself. My awards go to the blogs that inspire me. Here we go...

1. traciedesigns -- I love the design inspiration she shares regularly along with her down to earth view on life. Tracie is just all around fabulous from blog to friend to shoes!

2. It's Sara with no H -- I've never met Sara in real life, but I am sure that if I did we'd be instant friends talking endlessly over coffee or drinks or something. I feel like we share a similar point of view on marriage and motherhood.

3. Musings from the sofa -- The musings range from books to husbands to England and back again and they are all excellent posts with an independent point of view that I admire. I've learned a lot about Ms. Musings and a lot of English-speak and English spelling along the way. I always look forward to her posts. She also has the best tags for her posts!

4. Noble Savage -- Again, I've never met her, but I am sure we would be fast friends and have much to discuss. Her adventures in motherhood and as a strong feminist woman are inspirational. Her rough patches remind me I am not alone, her good times make me smile, and her strong point of view motivates me.

5. Telecommuter Talk -- I guess it is cheating to award the person who awarded you, but I simply could not leave Emily off this list. Her blog makes me laugh out loud, inspires me to action, inspires me to read, inspires me think, and of course inspires me to memes. Emily is not only Queen O' Memes, she is Queen O' Blogs! I love that our blogs have brought us closer together as friends too.

Thank you all for the regular inspiration! My awardees are welcome to pass along the award.


Charlotte said...

Your blog IS fabulous and you deserve your award!

Emily Barton said...

Why, of course, it isn't cheating to give the award back. Thank you! And, also, thank you for awarding many of my favorite (other fabulous) blogs that I didn't award myself.

"Her Highness"

P.S. You and Sara ought to be pen pals.

tracie valentino said...

Well, right back atcha, sister. You most certainly do deserve the award, as I'm always eagerly looking forward to a new post!

Thank you very, very much... I didn't think it was possible, but here I am blushing in blogland.

Anonymous said...

Mwah ha ha ha! Soon, you will default to English spelling entirely and people will ask you what you mean by 'fortnight'.
Thanks very much for my award, and your own is entirely well deserved.

ZoesMom said...

Charlotte -- Thanks! Your blog is Fab too. :-)

Emily -- Thanks again. You made my day. Great idea about being pen pals with Sara.

Tracie -- no need to blush -- you deserve it.

Becky -- I've taken to calling Zoe a "poppet" and I almost said "Bless his cotton socks" the other day, but I am not sure I could bring myself to spell favorite as favourite. :-)