09 April 2009

The worst part of vacations...

...is that they end, of course.

However, the other negative thing is all the work that has to get done pre-vacation. Work for work to make sure everything is covered or rescheduled or just plain done and work at home like laundry, and bills, and hotel reservations. I feel like I have been going non-stop since last week sometime just so I can take 4 days off of work.

Even as I try to write this blog post I am instant messaging with my boss. It's is 9:35PM.

The fun news is we're taking another road trip and I will be blogging from the road again so I'm not going to say where we're headed. The trip is not as ambitious as Dallas, but involves a lot of stops.

See you on the road!


Courtney said...

have a great trip! Preparing for vacations or trips of any kind really stresses me out - but once I'm on the road it's worth it!

Emily Barton said...

So, I guess I'm not allowed to spill the beans about where you're going, huh? However, I'm SURE it will be fabulous trip!

HT said...

Particularly enjoy the places that involve my 2nd favorite antioxidant... xo ht