01 September 2009


It is definitely that time. It is hard for me to believe it, but Zoe starts second grade on Thursday. We've bought clothes and supplies and a new backpack, we've figured out the first day outfit (of course there will be pictures!), we've examined the class list, and Zoe has even put in her request for a breakfast of French Toast on the first day. I'd say she's as ready as she's going to be.

It is a funny time of year filled with excitement and anticipation for the coming year and at the same time it is hard to let summer vacation go. As much as I may have complained about the lack of structure and schedule, there are parts of it that are really nice and can make an ordinary Tuesday, like today, feel like vacation even if it is just for an hour or so.

When I think back to what a difference a year of first grade made, I can't wait to see what this year brings for Zoe. I think I feel the same way about Zoe growing up as I do about the end of summer. I am both excited and pleased to see her blossoming into her own, independent person and at the same time I look back on the not-so-distant past with nostalgia for the little girl who needed me to wash her in the bath tub and the baby who slept right in my arms as if they were made for that purpose.


Emily Barton said...

So, how did the first day back go?

ZoesMom said...

Emily -- the first day back was great! Zoe was really happy with her teacher, her class, and what she wore. :-)