19 May 2010

The More Things Change, The More They Change

Funny how change can be both wonderful and terrifying, isn't it? And why is it that change seems to beget change?

Feels like life is in a constant state of flux these days and I find myself struggling just a bit to keep up. Here's a sampling of some of the change that's happening:

  • My boss, the best boss I ever had, recently left his post for greener pastures. I am pleased for him, but I do wish he hadn't deserted me.
  • One of my closest friends is moving back to England all of a sudden and really soon. I am pleased for her, but selfishly I really want her to stay here.
  • Another of my closest friends just recently told me she's pregnant. I am thrilled for her, especially because I know she has wanted another baby. However, her first daughter is close in age to Zoe, our husbands are very good friends and we were always a perfect matched set. I know we'll still have lots of fun together, but the matched set idea is out the window. Yes, this is incredibly small and selfish. (Are you sensing a theme?)
Times like these always remind me of a book of short stories that I was given as a gift when I graduated college, Enormous Changes at the Last Minute by Grace Paley. Honestly, I don't remember that much about the stories except that I liked them, but the title has always stuck with me because that's almost always what big changes feel like to me.

I'm going to roll with it and I think almost all the changes underway will lead to good things and happiness, but right now I am a tad overwhelmed.


Chapter Forty said...

Its horrible when people leave your everyday life. I've had it happen many times, and a gap is left. Unfortunately or fortunately change is really the only certainty in life, but you can be your own constant. Good luck

Emily Barton said...

I always like to think of myself as someone who welcomes and embraces change. Then, I face the sorts of changes you mention here and remember, "Oh yeah. I am human. Human beings pretty much hate change."