23 May 2010

How to Prolong Bedtime

Zoe has become the master of prolonging bedtime. If you're looking for tips, here are some of her favorites:

  • When you are told to go up to bed be sure to leave something crucial behind like your beloved stuffed animal Eeeyore thus necessitating a return trip downstairs for retrieval.
  • Sit on the toilet without actually going until a parent comes upstairs.
  • Use much more shampoo than is necessary thus necessitating lots and lots of rinsing.
  • Spend at least 5 minutes brushing your hair and staring in the mirror while making crazy faces. Longer if parent is not watching.
  • Agonize over what pajamas to wear.
  • Agonize over what clothes to wear tomorrow.
  • Agonize over what book to read.
  • Develop sudden case of OCD in regards to specific placement of stuffed animals, blankets or pillows on the bed.
  • Suddenly remember that you have not kissed other parent good night.
  • Ask a lot of questions about random things.
  • Tell a story about how someone hurt your feelings that day.
  • Ask to be tucked in.
  • Ask for a back rub.
  • Ask for a drink.
  • Ask for a hug.
  • Ask for a kiss.
  • Say you suddenly don't feel well. Your stomach, head, or knee hurts. Be sure to vary the source of the pain.
She regularly employs 3 to 5 of these techniques on any given night.


Chapter Forty said...

This made me laugh. All children must share these delaying tactics telepathically as my B also does at least two of those from Zoe's list every night. He also insists that he is still hungry and so cant go to sleep or that something is scaring him or that he is thinking scary things...

Mattio Valentino said...

It's as if her and Maddie have been cloned.

Emily Barton said...

LOL! At my age, though, the first one seems to be inevitable, even when my goal, rather than prolonging, is racing to get to bed.