08 September 2010

The Ankle Drama

The other day Zoe claimed that her ankle hurt. Since she had come running off and there was no ankle twisting incident or any occurrence that could have produced a hurt ankle, the source of the ankle pain was a mystery, but apparently she was in a lot of pain.

It hurt so badly that:
  • she could not walk on it
  • she wrapped it in a bandanna (not sure how that helped)
  • she put ice on it
  • she was sure to alert Rob or me each time we walked by her lying on the couch
  • she would not let me touch it or even look at it
Both Rob and I were convinced she had a cramp, or what we like to call "fake sprained ankle" which is one of those debilitating ankle cramps that really hurt, but the only cure is to walk on it and move it around. Zoe would not believe our assessment or take our suggestion to walk around on it so we ignored her complaints. She went to bed convinced she had a broken ankle.

Morning came and there was no more mention of ankle pain, but later that next day I was putting some stuff away in her room and I found this note peeking out from beneath her bed.

(Translation: Sadly my [ankle] is still in pain. Hurts!!!! Lots! HELP!)

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Emily Barton said...

LOL. The "sadly" is priceless. So, will she be a writer, an artist, or an actress? The verdict is still out. However, I'd bet money on her winding up in some sort of artistic endeavor. She's got the talent and the sensitivity.