07 September 2010

Tuesday Shoesday: Boots!

If you're shopping for new shoes these days you'd be hard pressed to find something other than boots. I thought boots were big last year, but this year it appears that boots are back with a vengeance.

I know I already mentioned my distaste for the open-toed boots so I won't revisit. (Even though I do hope that is a short-lived trend!) But speaking of trends here are some I've found interesting.

I love this folded over look from Boutique 9. These boots look like they would look good with skirts or jeans and would get worn to death. They are only available in brown suede, but that's OK. After all, what fabric says autumn more than brown suede.

I think I am ready to click "add to cart" on this pair!

Speaking of suede...

as a kid I used to love my desert boots. There are a number of desert boot inspired styles out there this year. I like this pair (aptly named Dessertt) from Steve Madden, but I am on the fence because they are a bit too trendy. I like the nostalgia of them, but I wonder if I would want to wear them more than one season or two.

And Speaking of trends...

The over the knee boot is not a trend you'll ever find me in mainly because I am short and curvy and I think these are really meant for those of you blessed with height. However, if I were to get a pair, I would go totally over the top with a pair like these from Joie. Wowza. I can only think of one person I know who could seriously pull these off. She'd have to beat them off with sticks if she did.

Thus ends my shoe-gasm for the day. Hope you enjoyed.

P.S. I have recently recently re-discovered my life and shall be returning to regular blogging.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more on the open-toed boot look. It's pointless. Meanwhile, these are lovely.

Emily Barton said...

I had boots on my mind over the weekend, but couldn't get motivated to drag myself to any stores (and I don't like to shop online, because shoes HAVE to fit me). I love that first pair, too. LOVE it! And funny, before you even mentioned her, I thought of the exact same person for that gorgeous last pair.

Anonymous said...

Am totally in agreement about the open-toed boots. I like that first pair, but I LOVE those over the knee boots. I would totally wear those. Damn. And thanks to you and Emily for thinking of me!