20 January 2011

Zoe and the Violent Kids

A couple of years ago Zoe told us she wanted to start a band and call it "Zoe and the Violent Kids." Rob and I thought that was a fantastic name for a band and we talked about the name a lot.  Somehow this turned into something embarrassing for Zoe.  I don't know how or understand why, but any time either of us mentions that name now, she pulls a pout, a serious "I'm not talking to you," kind of pout.  Of course neither of us have patience for the pouting, but we have tried to respect her desire for us to refrain from mentioning it.

However, when my father showed me this picture he took of Zoe and her cousins I couldn't help but think this would be the perfect album cover for the Zoe and the Violent kids debut.

Either that or this looks like a movie still from an adaptation of "Lord of the Flies."

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Anonymous said...

That is a fabulous picture. In years to come, when Zoe is in a band, this should totally be the cover.