24 January 2011

Zoe Getting Her Ears Pierced

I'm fairly certain Zoe has been asking to get her ears pierced for about a year.  At first Rob insisted that we have it done at the doctor's office.  I thought that was silly, but I told Rob that he should make an appointment then.  Not surprisingly, that never happened.  Actually each time Zoe brought it up, it was like we were having the conversation for the first time with Rob.  But, this is about Zoe, not Rob. 

Around Christmas time I gave up on that whole idea and told Zoe I would take her to get her ears pierced over the Christmas break.  Unfortunately the snow storm stole the day I had picked and we had filled our week with too many other plans so we never did it.  With nothing on the calendar this past Saturday and a desire to go to the mall I declared it ear piercing day.  Zoe was so excited.  She couldn't stop talking about it and thinking about it. 

We arrived at the mall on Saturday afternoon and I asked Zoe if she wanted to go straight to Claire's, where they do ear piercing.  I know if it were me I would want to go straight away, but not Zoe.  She wanted to wait.  She wanted it to be the last thing we did before leaving the mall.  That's when I sensed there was some nervousness so I told her that she could back out of getting her ears pierced at any time (before I paid) and no one would be mad at her. 

We shopped the afternoon away including an extended tour of Sephora and the Apple Store and finally there was nothing left to do, but go to Claire's.  There was already a young girl getting her ears pierced when we arrived.  She was just about to have it done and she started to cry.  This set Zoe right on edge.  I thought she would change her mind on the spot, but she didn't.  She drifted around the store until it was her turn as she got more and more nervous.  Finally it was her turn to get into the stool.  The lovely girl who worked their hurriedly prepared everything and tried to explain that it wouldn't hurt while Zoe worked herself up into a slightly frantic state of tears.  "I don't want to do it!" she finally cried and I said OK.  But she didn't get up from the stool she just sat there clearly hesitating so I said,

"You've wanted this for so long and now here we are.  It won't hurt, so just do it."

"No!  I changed my mind!"

"OK, then let's go," I said.  Rob took her arm to help her down from the stool, but again she didn't move.  Rob and I looked at each other and we knew we had to kind of force her.  That she wanted us to.  So we both told her to just sit down and do it.  The girls at the store were fantastic and they jumped right in and did it in a second.

Lo and behold, it did not hurt.  Apparently we had attracted a crowd because as soon as it was done, there was a round of applause from another group waiting to get ears pierced.  Zoe smiled really big once she realized it was done, it was wonderful.  I could tell she felt so grown up and so special.  She ran to look at herself in the mirror, all the tears of moments ago already long forgotten. 

I have to say the earrings do look adorable and I am very glad she went through with it and am proud of her for it, but my only regret is that they make her look more grown up. 

Here's a nice view just moments after the piercing was completed:


tracie valentino said...

Awww, Maddie was so excited to hear about Zoe's ears! And your ear piercing story sounds exactly like mine with Maddie. Perhaps if it was called something other than "piercing"... (with a "gun" no less! :)

Courtney said...

They look lovely! I remember getting my ears pierced and the fear/excitement - such a rite of passage! And so many fun accessories in her future!

HT said...

My mother and I got ours done at the same time when I was in 5th grade. She made me go 1st! I think I made less fuss than she did...
Yay Zoe!

Emily Barton said...

Yea for Zoe! And good for you and Rob for helping her brave through it. I'm sure she would have really regretted it later if she'd completely chickened out. I wasn't brave enough to do that until I was 18, despite everyone telling me it didn't hurt (it actually did hurt me). And now I can have fun buying her something other than books :-)!

ZoesMom said...

I didn't think about this before, but all your comments have made me realize what an important rite of passage getting your ears pierced is. Zoe is still so proud of her new earrings. And she cannot wait to buy more earrings, of course!