18 August 2011


I've neglected a lot of things lately and obviously my blog is clearly one of them.  I am on the path to correct my ways, but first let me say it's been one crazy summer in which I learned a rather important lesson.

I pride myself on my multi-tasking abilities and while I am constantly busy being Mom, employee, daughter, friend, etc. I often forget to pay attention to myself.  As a result I woke up one day in June and found I was suffering severely from my own self-neglect.  I was both physically ill and rather depressed and the stupid thing is, I didn't even know it until I reached the point when I just wanted to stay in bed all day.  Anyone who knows me, knows staying in bed all day is not ever my M.O.  I prefer to go, go, go until I drop and then get up early and start again.

A small miracle occurred in mid-June that helped propel me out of my funk and into change.  An old boss of mine emailed me about a potential job.  I know I've already shared that I got a new job, but my reaction to that initial email made me realize just how unhappy I was in my job and seeing a light at the end of the tunnel elevated my mood.  Somehow that also inspired me to finally call the doctor as well.  I described earlier my health scare which luckily turned out to be something simple.  Earlier this week I had (very minor) surgery to fix the problem and I am happy to report that I now feel better than I have in months.  It is pretty amazing actually.

So, now that I am feeling energetic again and excited about my life changes and generally much happier,  I realize how foolish I was to neglect myself for so long.  How could I have been the best Mom, employee, friend, etc. I could be when I was feeling so awful?  Sometimes taking care of yourself is not selfish.  Who knew?


HT said...

It's like on the airplane video- first get the oxygen mask secured on your own head before helping others... Glad you got the mask on! xoxo ht

OSeñorita said...

You have to take care of yourself first to be able to take care of others!...that's what my grandma used to say...