10 September 2011

Neglect Part 2

OK, so now it seems I am neglecting my blog.  With everything going on all at once I've been wiped out.  So much so that I find myself with a cold this weekend.  Yuck.  However, it has given me the perfect excuse for afternoon naps so I am not completely knocking it.

Here's a quick report card on the last month:

Vacation:  B (would have been an A if Rob could have joined us)
Hurricane Irene:  C (we were fortunate enough to not lose power or sustain damage, but too many other people were affected badly)
Start of new job:  B (might have been better if Hurricane Irene didn't make things screwy the first week)
Start of school:  A+

And here's the newly minted 4th grader herself looking pretty rad if I do say so myself:

Overall average: B+  (Not bad, but room for improvement)

OK, I promise I am committing to getting back to normality, reality, and all that stuff on Monday so blogging should then resume with regularity.

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