09 November 2011

Zoe Writes About Me

Zoe had a writing assignment where she had to write about someone close to her and she chose to write about me! She decided to type her final version into the computer so I don't have it in her handwriting, but this is still great.  I love it...
My mom

In my book my mom is the best thing since peanut butter. She is my role model. She has taught me many life lessons. She is always there for me and has never made me sad, angry, or forgotten. She says she loves me everyday and I always say the same thing back. She fills me heart and makes me smile almost everyday. My mom is always there for me. She always makes me happy before she is. My mom is one of the best people in my life and I am lucky to have her. 

I have and always will be my mom’s little girl. She has told me she loves me more times then the earth has trees. She loves me and I love her. I always will. She gives me hope and she gives me confidence. My mom is one of a kind and I don’t think anyone could even be like her.

My mom loves me. I love her. She has friends that love her too. My mom is my mom is my mom and that is not why I love her. I love her because she is a nice wonderful person. My mom is one person and if that person is her then I’ll be happy.

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HT said...

Big sigh. What a lovely piece of writing. One that you should refer to frequently as she enters the teenage years!