28 December 2011

What's with the toothpaste

After my last post, I decided it was best I keep my whining about the holidays to myself.  Now that Christmas is all unwrapped and there is very little on tap for New Year's, I can move on to other kinds of whining.

I've compiled a list of complaints/questions regarding toothpaste.  It may seem silly, but I encounter the tube at least 2 times per day and what I see drives me crazy.

  • What is with the toothpaste and why are women the only people capable of using a tube of toothpaste without turning it into a disgusting mess in some way?  (Grown women only because Zoe is as much of a culprit here as Rob.)  
  • Seriously, how very hard it is to squeeze the tube from the bottom?  
  • And can you not yet judge the force of squeeze you'll need to get the toothpaste out without also getting it all over the top of the tube?  
  • And one more question, is it really so hard to rinse the toothpaste residue from the sink when you're done brushing your teeth?
Any insight here would extremely helpful.  And please don't tell me I am OCD.  I have lived with other women and I know they do not behave like this with toothpaste.  

Maybe I need some more post-holiday rest?

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HT said...

One more reason for the Golden Girls house...