11 January 2012

Feats of Motherhood

Yesterday I was in an all day meeting with a vendor we are doing a lot of work with.  The meeting was largely focussed on alleviating the various areas of dissatisfaction on our part, as the client.  It wasn't a relaxed day and it certainly wasn't easy for either us or them.  That being said we did get through the day and reached what I hope will be accord.

When we were wrapping up around 7pm the woman who was leading things from the vendor side, who was the picture of confidence, intelligence and diligence all day, said she was going home to crash because she had been up all night with her daughter who had croup.  Not only had she been up all night, she had been at the emergency room all night.  Honestly, I never would have guessed.  I can only imagine how completely shattered she felt, but she never let it slip during the course of our very long day.

This morning as I was juggling an 8am webex/conference call  and getting Zoe up, ready for school, and out to the bus stop (hardly comparable to a night spent in the ER) I was reminded of her and all of the times I have simultaneously juggled motherhood and work.  Good to be reminded that I am far from alone in this juggling act.

This was my view leaving Brooklyn last night after my all day meeting.  


Anonymous said...

oh, if only that mom could read your post and know that you get it, you understand, you're in the same boat, and that while you were not necessarily on the same page from a corporate standpoint you totally stood together as moms - it's something working moms don't hear enough from each other. This was lovely to read.

Courtney said...

I am new to this juggling act and find it very difficult some days, but I imagine it is tremendously more so with school-aged children...I've heard often that it's the school years that are toughest in terms of working and juggling kids' schedules. You are obviously raising a lovely and talented daughter so keep taking comfort in the fact that you aren't doing it alone!