01 April 2012

TV in Bed

In case I haven't mentioned it I've been working on a mega project. It is exciting to be project managing the biggest project I've ever worked on, but it is fairly all-consuming too. I've been working long, rather intense hours and I am exhausted at the end of most weeks. As a result I have found that around 2 or 3pm every Saturday and Sunday I crave lying in bed and watching TV. And a lot of times I actually manage to get there.

It feels ridiculously and deliciously indulgent to crawl under the covers on a Saturday afternoon. It also feels kind of selfish and counter to my normal approach to weekends. Generally I've always preferred cramming my weekends with every possible activity, but now I find myself weighing potential plans against lying in bed and watching my TV. Activity or something Zoe needs? Of course I'll go. Dinner with friends and opening weekend of the Hunger Games? Yes, certainly worth getting out bed for. High school version of Beauty and the Beast? Not so much. 30% off at Banana Republic? I'm on the fence. Really.

Not sure if this craving will continue after this project is completed, but for now I'm going with it rather than fighting it. And in a way I hope I do continue the indulgence once in awhile.

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