08 October 2012

In the fall a young(ish) woman's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of...


I've never been a big fan of summer shoes because I'm very particular about my sandals and open-toes.  Winter shoes are only fun to contemplate when one is actually going skiing.  Spring is too wet and often too cold to consider it as its own a shoe season at all and not just an extension of winter without wool socks.

But the fall is prime time for shoes and, as you all know, my favorite style shoe is usually featured prominently.  Here are some that I am coveting:

I saw these beauties on my recent visit to Dallas at the Cole-Haan store.  They are so cute with that bright green sole and they look really comfy too. I'd wear these everywhere.  

These sparkly Kate Spade loafers actually came out for spring, but how cute would they be to wear to a holiday party?  

These are classics from Michael Kors, but these are actually a deep red patent leather and the stitching is red.  I would wear these to work a lot.  

OK, these are clearly oxfords, but to me they are in the same family as loafers so I threw them in.  I also saw these at the Cole-Haan store and they are so cool.  I can imagine wearing them on weekends with my dark jeans. 


Anonymous said...

I love the gold Cole Haan loafers with the green sole. They are great. And I love my red patent Oxfords, so I certainly recommend it as a colour choice.

Emily Barton said...

latoreum 13Every. Single. Pair. Is. Absolutely. Gorgeous. So, when do we go shoe shopping together again?