28 November 2006

The Cosmetics Counter: CoverGirl Lipslicks Lipgloss

I'm not usually one for CoverGirl or really most make-up that can purchased at CVS, but I have to admit I am a fan of this one particular product. CoverGirl Lipslick Lipgloss is really sheer and light. My two favorite shades are Hipster and Demure (admittedly they are the only two I have tried). It is the kind of lipstick that can be applied anywhere -- I mean, it should go on your lips, but you don't need to be in front of a mirror. I keep a tube in my office desk drawer and it is perfect for a quick application just before a meeting or whatever. Plus, it is really cheap -- at around $4 a tube so you can afford to have a few.

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QOS said...

my fav new product is the Sally Hansen "Diamond Lip Treatment" at Target. It sounds cheesy, but is oh-so-fabulous!