27 November 2006


Actual conversation had with Zoë on Thanksgiving day:

Me: So, are you going to try the turkey?
Zoë: No.
Me: What are you going to eat? How about mashed potatoes?
Zoë: No. I want to try the cranberry sauce.
Me: Cranberry sauce is good.
Zoë: And stuffing.
Me: Stuffing is delicious. I am sure you are going to like it.
Zoë: I know I am going to like it. (pause) Mom? What's stuffing made of? Is it made of stuffed animals?
Me: Stuffed animals?
Zoë: Yeah. Is it the stuffing from stuffed animals?
Me: I don't think so.
Zoë: I do.
Me: And you still want to eat it?
Zoë: Yes.
Me: OK

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