23 February 2007

American Idol Update

AI Update contributed by SamanthasMom:

Do not read if you have not watched the 2/22 results show.

Who doesn't like LaKisha? She is just awesome.

I really like Gina & have from the start.

Just so everyone knows, Celine Dion did not sing that song "All by Myself" first. I believe it was Melissa Manchester or someone like that. Gina definitely sang it better than her.

Antonella should have gone home. Her performance was awful.

I thought Alaina (the girl who sang "Brass in My Pocket") I think that was her name, should go. Basically, all the scrawny white girls need to go. Amy & Nicole were interchangeable with how they looked. Nicole's choice of song was what made her go home. I think she actually has a good voice. You know what they say..."song choice, song choice, song choice"!

I really don't love the girl from San Antonio, Haley. I hate that Celine song that she sang. It's so over the top & oversung. (If that's a word.) What put me over the edge was how snotty she was to the constructive criticism. I thought Simon was right on target. The song made her seem too old.

For the guys, I thought that Paul Kim shouldn't have gone. He, I think, would have done well in the coming weeks.

Chris R. (bald, not curly hair) was pretty non-descript & should have gone.

Jared sounded so nasally.

I really want Sundance to do well, since he did well in the beginning. He needs to shed the beard, though.

I really like Blake (beat box guy). I thought he had a little "Sting" sound going.

I also like Brandon, the back up singer.

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