07 September 2007

7:25 on a Friday morning

And what a nice Friday morning it was...

After my shower this morning I saw that it was already 7:25 AM and Zoë was not yet out of bed. I went into her room and started pulling up the shades -- her room and especially her bed gets all the gorgeous morning sun. Now bathed in that sunlight, she started to stir in her bed and I gently said, "Time to get up my wonderful girl."

She was lying on her stomach and her face was turned toward me and this sweet little smile spread across her face. Her eyes were still closed and she looked almost angelic. I knelt down next to her bed and leaned over to kiss her cheek. My face was centimeters from hers and I was awestruck. I know it sounds melodramatic, but it is true. I can't believe I had a hand in creating this beautiful child. It felt like falling love all over again.

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