30 September 2007

The End of Summer

Summer seems to want to linger this year and I am not at all sorry. Each extra day of warmth and sunshine is like a gift and I don't even mind that my lawn has turned mostly brown from lack of rain. And even though some lovely new fall clothes hang patiently in my closet, I have been making an effort to keep wearing my light weight skirts, sandals and summery t-shirts. I want to take advantage of every day where no coat, scarf, or gloves are needed.

I just read a really great poem here, which has inspired me to put one of my own poems here...

The water like a slate
and the insects have all come
to share their secrets.

Listen closely.
It's a long way from home,
but little is asked of you.

They collect their toll in drops,
and stings,
leaving behind only a
permanent stain.
The dragonfly floats and stares
and delivers the summation.

Watch and don't turn away.
Just remember.

The butterflies already know,
their golden flash is the only thing

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