19 September 2007

The Cosmetics Counter: LUSH

I suspect I am a little late to the table on this one, but I have a new love and it is called LUSH. I must, first of all, thank Becky for the introduction to the world of LUSH.

My experience started with the wonderful, fresh smell of the store. It is hard to tell from their website just how delicious the store smells so I highly recommend going to an actual B&M location if you can find one near you. Then the lovely sales assistant helped Becky and I to a hand treatment that left the skin on my hands smoother than Zoƫ's baby you-know-what. After that I got a tour of the store and learned that all their products are hand made and never tested on animals. They use all natural ingredients and most of the products even come stamped with a best if used by date.

The hand treatment products were amazing, but I knew I would never go through all those steps on a regular basis. The bath soaps were incredibly tempting, but I hated the idea of such a great soap wasting away in the shower and getting all used up by Rob. Ultimately I settled on a set of 3 products to make up a new facial cleansing routine. The names of the products alone are quite alluring:

"Angels on Bare Skin" is the name of my new cleanser/exfoliator.
"Breath of Fresh Air" is my new toner.
"Imperialis" is my new moisturizer.

Yes, the products are on the expensive side, but so far they are really fabulous.

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